Sept 6th Wedding - Aron & Renee

Renee's wedding was beautifully placed at the Manor House just west of Denver. There was a light rainstorm leading up to the ceremony, just enough to provide some added blessing to an already amazing day. Aron & Renee were the first couple I have ever witnessed that literally "tied the knot" in the middle of their ceremony. Thanks Aron & Renee for letting us be part of your day! Also thanks to Chrissy Kennedy our 2nd shooter!




Megan Burtt @ Red Rocks


Singer/Songwriter and good friend Megan Burtt took the Legendary Red Rocks stage with ease, grace, & confidence. Her appearance was flawless, like she had done it 100 times before...joining the ranks of the many greats that have stood there before!

Megan is currently in New York working on a new album, that we are all excited about. You can can pre-order it along with some other Megan Burtt Goodies. Pre-ordering the CD, helps pay for the recording costs up front. It's the way to go, all the cool kids are doing it. Seriously.
Check it out HERE

See more of my on stage seat at Red Rocks...on of the best photo experiences I've had to this point (Journey of Hope) show put on by HomeVibe Presents www.homevibepresents.com & Pennies for Peace Featuring Braddigan (of Dispatch) & Greg Mortnenson (Author of 3 cups of Tea) FLICKR



Kristin & Heiko August 22nd Wedding

Kristin and Heiko were married on 8.22.09 at Boettcher Mansion in Golden, Co...it was my first time to shoot at this amazing site. This was a very festive wedding, almost all of the grooms family had just flown in from Germany, you can imagine organizing family photo's with just a slight language barrier...it was a pleasure to get to witness and take part in the German festivities.

I 2nd shot this wedding for Laura Dombrowski with her associate photographer Tamara Murphy. Thank you for the opportunity Laura, and Tamara, it is always a blast to work with you!


Music Photography - Gabrielle Lousie & Ian Cooke

Wow, what a privaleage it is not only to get to organize and host our Strings & Wood monthly concerts @ The Oriental Theater, but on top of that I get to capture some amazing musical moments. This night happened in late June when we were hosting Gabrielle Louise & Ian Cooke. Ian & his Cello were recently named Denver's Band of the year, he opened the night in true artistic from. Then came Gabby..."Not only is Gabrielle Louise a singer/songwriter in the deepest sense, she is an Artist who's lyrical imagery boldly evens the dance floor of humanity. After an evening with the Gabrielle Louise Show, you will feel like you've traveled the world having been reminded of the most meaningful things in life...love, equality, peace, & perspective."
Art Heffron, Photographer & Director of Restored Arts (Strings & Wood Presents) www.gabrielle-louise.org


Couples Photography - Mike & Tracey's 1 Year Anniversary

Tracey & Mike are great new friends that Karyn & I have connected with through Karyn's job. Recently they made the trek out to Golden & took advantage of the natural backdrop of nearby Clear Creek and the trail that passes by, in celebration of their 1 year anniversary. For pricing feel free to e-mail @ art.heffron@gmail.com